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GreeNut Butter was conceptualized while working our sales jobs at Chicago Tribune. We bonded over the fact that we are active people (both have run the Chicago Marathon) and love fueling our bodies with healthy food. The “lightbulb moment” came from a sandwich. Paul had the crazy idea to put kale & spinach leaves on his peanut butter sandwiches to sneak in some extra nutrition and brought them to lunch at work. To our surprise you could not taste the kale…

The only problem was the texture of the leaves in the nut butter. We quickly realized that we could solve this problem by combining the ingredients. After spending countless hours brainstorming during our downtime at work, we created GreeNut Butter.

We began perfecting GreeNut Butter on nights and weekends at Harold’s apartment with our trusty Cuisinart food processor. After several iterations of ingredient ratios and peanut varieties, we finally found the perfect blend. Trust us, you would not believe how many types of peanuts exist (Spanish, Valencia, Runners, Virginia, etc.).

After gaining confidence in our product, we decided to launch a Kickstarter to share GreeNut Butter with the world. Our Kickstarter launched July 29th and ran through August 28th, 2020 when we successfully reached our funding goal.

Since then, it has been a wild ride! We've connected with and sold GreeNut Butter to thousands of people around the world, we started a show where we review other companies nut butter, we added the best teammate ever (Meagan) to help us with marketing, we've started doing farmer's markets in our home town of Chicago, we're in talks with several grocery stores, and we were even contacted by ABC's "Shark Tank" to possibly appear on their show!

"Kale + Peanut" (Organic Peanuts, Organic Kale & Sea Salt) is our first blend that our fan base knows us for but we're thrilled to officially launch our 2nd blend "Matcha + Cashew" (Organic Cashews, Organic Ceremonial Grade Matcha, Organic Coconut Sugar & Sea Salt) on August 20th, 2021! We're excited to share our new design, new packaging, new website & more!

We're so grateful for everyone that supports us! Feel free to reach out to us- we're happy to answer any questions you may have.

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